About East Fork Cultivars

Our Story 

Starting out, founders Nathan and Aaron Howard had one goal in mind: grow superior CBD-rich cannabis that could help relieve their oldest brother, Wesley Howard, from the symptoms of his range of conditions. It was witnessing the positive effects of CBD-rich cultivars that drove our desire to expand to provide more people with the same access to CBD and cannabis — and in turn to become stewards of the East Fork Ranch, a picturesque place nestled between the East Fork of Oregon’s Illinois River and California’s Siskiyou Mountains. Our commitment to bettering our community — and to growing genetically unique cultivars — has given us a sense of place and pride. 

Our Mission 

At East Fork Cultivars, we maintain a resolute commitment to environmental responsibility, science-based education, and social justice. We strive to develop and preserve sustainable, sun-grown farming methods in order to produce high-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich cultivars.

The East Fork Difference

Our craft hemp is grown under the Oregon sun using regenerative methods, and hand-harvested by our fairly-paid team. We give back to our local communities and support nonprofits working on social justice, equity, and sustainability. And we’ve obtained the most rigorous hemp certifications available: USDA Organic and Sun+Earth Certified. For more information, visit: www.eastforkcultivars.com.

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