Explore our Rescue Rub hemp topical line to find the product formulated for your needs!


Explore our Rescue Rub hemp topical line to find the product formulated for your needs!

East Fork Hemp

CBD Tincture Line

USDA Organic, high-potency, vegan, gluten-free, and made from East Fork Cultivars’ hemp flower. 

The East Fork Difference

Our craft hemp is grown under the sun using regenerative methods, and hand-harvested by our fairly-paid team. We give back to our local communities, engage in policy work across Oregon and the United States, and support leading nonprofits working on social justice, equity, and sustainability in the hemp trade. And we’ve obtained the most rigorous hemp certifications available: USDA Organic and Sun+Earth Certified.

Peak Extracts is excited to announce that we’ve merged with our good friends at East Fork Cultivars! You can now find all of the Peak products you know and trust here. 

Our Story

Starting out, founders Nathan and Aaron Howard had one goal in mind: grow superior CBD-rich cannabis that could help relieve their oldest brother, Wesley Howard, from the symptoms of his range of medical conditions. It was witnessing the positive effects of CBD-rich cultivars that drove our desire to expand to provide more people with the same access to CBD and cannabis therapeutics — and in turn to become stewards of the East Fork Ranch, a picturesque place nestled between the East Fork of Oregon’s Illinois River and California’s Siskiyou Mountains. Our commitment to bettering our community — and to growing genetically unique cultivars — has given us a sense of place and pride.

Founded in

one of the first USDA Organic Certified hemp farms in the country since 2018

Cultivated Acres

Our Mission

At East Fork Cultivars, we maintain a resolute commitment to environmental responsibility, science-based education, and social justice. We strive to develop and preserve sustainable, sun-grown farming methods in order to produce high-quality, genetically diverse, CBD-rich cultivars.

Review of Organic Hemp CBD Oil


“This review might be long-winded, gushing even, but it is honest.

Let’s start somewhere near the beginning…

For the past 8 years, I’ve struggled with terrible arthritis and nerve pain in my spine. It progressively gets worse as time passes. Fast forward to October of 2016, when I tried my first CBD product. It was a small, local place and it was close to the time that medical marijuana was passed in our state. I was iffy about them, but my mother-in-law – who had zero faith in CBD and MMJ – noticed a marked reduction of her back pain. Long story short, uncomfortable sales environment BUT I bought their product and hadn’t stopped using it, until now. As effective as that product was for me, it pales in comparison to the glory that is Llama Kush. East Fork Cultivars have created something magical. They use avocado oil and single-varietal hemp, both organic. They’re certified when a lot of their competition is not. Llama Kush is delicious and highly effective. Thirty minutes after a 0.25 ml dose, I experience a noticeable drop in my pain level. It’s also incredibly affordable. The other company I bought CBD from charged more than $120 for a 15 ml bottle containing 350 mg of CBD. Math isn’t my strong suit, but I’m pretty sure that ends up being 4 times as much as East Fork is charging for this, for something that isn’t certified, isn’t organic, and that tastes really bad. Llama Kush is delicious and amazing.
I’m so glad I’ve switched to East Fork. Not only do I feel better, but I feel really good about supporting their company, too. They’re good people and I will be happy to continue to buy my CBD products from them.”

– Veronica Raj