The East Fork Cultivars Farm

Our farm is located in the small town of Takilma, nestled between the pristine waters of the East Fork of Southwest Oregon’s Illinois River and California’s Siskiyou Wilderness — the heart of one of the world’s best environments for sungrown cannabis. It’s here that we steward 33 acres, known as the East Fork Ranch, growing our USDA Organic Certified hemp and Sun+Earth Certified adult-use cannabis.

At East Fork, we strive to create a balanced and healthy ecosystem by caring for the soil, water, air, and surrounding ecology of our farm. We mesh together ancient stewardship practices with modern sustainable agriculture with the goal of making a positive impact on the environment in which we live and grow, the people in our community, and the people who rely on what we make. Visit our Cultivation Philosophy page to learn more about the ways we grow.


Terroir refers to the place-based environmental factors — such as soil, water, and climate — that combine to give a plant distinct characteristics. A term typically associated with the wine industry, it’s terroir that enables identical cannabis cultivars to be grown in different regions and produce unique smells, tastes, and effects. The native soil of Oregon’s Illinois River Valley, coupled with our unique farming practices and meticulous drying and curing methods, gives our cultivars their distinct qualities. Visit our Cultivars page for a tour of our current offerings, and a look through the archives of past year cannages.

East Fork Ranch located in Takilma, Oregon
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