Certificate of Analysis • Third-Party Test Results

To ensure our values of quality and transparency, all products on East Fork Cultivars Hemp are batch-tested by third-party, state-accredited laboratories. Search by product name or lab test number to reference the full results for your product.

Why lab testing?

While CBD and hemp products are seemingly available everywhere, regulators haven’t kept up with the growing popularity. Unfortunately, some product makers have taken advantage of the moment and cut corners with product quality and transparency. To demonstrate our commitment to these values, we require all products on East Fork Cultivars Hemp be tested by accredited third-party labs.

What do you test for?

Each product is a bit different, but all CBD and hemp products available on East Fork Cultivars Hemp are at least tested for cannabinoid potency. This ensures that your experience will be consistent, and you get the cannabinoids that are consistent with what’s listed on the product, every time. Other common tests include looking for the presence of residual pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals, important to make sure that products are safe to consume.

What if I have a question about your lab testing?

Ask us! Please send questions to [email protected].


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