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Genetics for Farmers

We’ve selected standout varieties for both their agronomic qualities in rigorous field trials and proven market value after harvest. All of our seed is assessed for high levels of germination, feminization, phenotypic stability and chemical compliance. Above all else, our varieties are selected for terpene diversity and intensity and great flower structure. We hope you enjoy growing them as much as we do.

The East Fork Difference

Since 2014, our breeding work has focused on producing novel and diverse cannabinoid and terpene profiles, along with improving the agronomic performance of our cultivars. We’ve seen exciting results with our Type 3 (hemp) cultivars, both on our farm and in partner trials, and have been recognized for our work with awards and strong demand for our unique offerings. 


Feminized Hemp Seed Technical Details 

Cultivation Recommendations

Maturity (42° N, 1575’ Elevation)

Harvest ranges from late September to mid-October


Feminized, photoperiodic, high CBD

Average Plant Height

4.5 – 5.5’

Row Spacing


Plant Spacing


Direct Sow

Not recommended


72-cell trays or 4” 18-cell trays


Please follow recommendations from your local agronomist based off of soil analysis

Exact flowering time, phenotypes, yields and terpene/cannabinoid content will vary depending on cultivation style, growing region, and environmental factors. Contact us for COAs and samples. East Fork Cultivars does not accept liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential loss that may arise from any cause. We recommend testing early and often to remain compliant. No guarantees promised or implied.

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