Peak 33:1 Full-Spectrum CBD Chocolate Bar


Made by hand by our team at our Portland kitchen, this delicious and potent chocolate bar features a 33:1 CBD-to-THC ratio infused in 70% dark chocolate. Made with full-spectrum hemp extracts, this bar is rich in terpenes and minor cannabinoids. Each bar contains 300mg of CBD and 9mg of THC, with 30mg of CBD and 0.9mg of THC per serving.

Current batch lab results:

  • CBD: 285.3mg/container, 28.5mg/serving
  • THC: 7.8mg/container, 0.8mg/serving
  • CBGa: 8.8mg/container, CBDV: 7.6mg/container, CBC: 7.6mg/container
  • Total cannabinoids: 323.6mg per bar

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Click here to view full test results.


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