Oregon Guava Feminized Hemp Seed


Our “flagship” hemp cultivar, Oregon Guava is an ode to both origin and olfactory experience. Expect consistent, potent flowers bursting with notes of tropical fruit and lemon zest. USDA Organic Certified hemp seed. 

Parentage: ACDC x Sour Tsunami


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Available in quantities of 10, 100, or 1000 seeds!

Product Details

Planting Location Seed Depth Seed Spacing Type
Direct Sunlight 1” 4–5’ Annual
Hardiness Zones Germination Rate Days to Germinate
6A-10A 86% 2–3

Store seed in a cool, dry place. Best by 2025.

Exclusive seed from East Fork Hemp, LLC
Takilma, Oregon | AG-R1066276AHS
Learn more: eastforkcultivars.com

East Fork Cultivars created and maintains rights to these genetics. Please consult our published license conditions if considering commercial use.

12-Step Guide to Growing Your Own Hemp

  1. Soak seed 8–24 hours in water in a cool location out of direct sunlight (do not leave seeds in water for longer than 24 hours).
  2. In a small pot or tray, pre-water the soil, being sure to check whether the soil is thoroughly saturated.
  3. Pour out soaked seeds onto a rag or paper towel in order to remove them from the water (keep the seed in the shade if outside).
  4. Make a divot in the soil with your finger about ½ to 1 inch deep. Put one seed per hole, approx. 4-5’ apart.
  5. Once all holes have a seed, cover them by pinching the topsoil around the hole, and water gently. Keep the soil moist until seedlings emerge. Be careful not to overwater.
  6. Ensure that the top 2 inches or so of the soil are dry between waterings. This will help ensure the seed and plant doesn’t experience rot.
  7. The plants are ready to transplant when the roots are protruding from the bottom of the pot (estimated 4–6 weeks).
  8. Dig a hole slightly larger than the pot, remove your plant from the pot, and place in the ground. Fill around the plant with soil, and press firmly. 
  9. Water thoroughly until the soil is saturated. Infrequent deep watering is better than frequent shallow watering. As flowers develop, avoid getting water into the buds as it can cause mold.
  10. I recommend trusting your green thumb intuitions: water as needed, and place in full sunlight.
  11. If you’re growing in the United States, and have started your plants around early or mid-May, having them planted outside after the last frost, then you should be prepared to harvest by October.
  12. And finally, to harvest, cut plants at base and hang upside down in a dry location until stems break when bent.

Learn more: eastforkcultivars.com

Key Flower Details

Our flagship hemp cultivar, Oregon Guava’s name is an ode to both origin and olfactory experience. The variety exhibits excellent field characteristics: expect uniform development, with high flower-to-leaf ratios and large colas throughout. 

This photoperiodic cultivar is typically ready to harvest in early- to mid-October at 42°N.

Terpene-rich, with a broad, diverse collection of mono- and sesquiterpenes. Strong notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and guava. The large cola structure, high terpene intensity, and consistent cannabinoid potency of this cultivar are ideal for both trimmed flower and extraction.

  • Average terpene content:  2.5–3%
  • Average CBD content: 12.6–14.7%
  • CBD:THC ratio: 24–30:1
  • 2019 Cultivation Classic Bronze Hemp Category Winner


Plant Structure Upright and bushy pincushion
Bud Structure Dense pyramidal buds mostly in wide contiguous colas
Field Variation Very uniform overall with up to 15% maturing earlier
2023 Market Value $250–400/lb. of flower
“From our Biodynamic tinctures to our certified organic hemp essential oil it is critical our products are not only effective, but also represent the spectrum hemp potentially offers. This starts with genetics. Once again, East Fork’s hemp varieties inspire. They have complex terpene profiles, intriguing scents, and rock solid production numbers.” – Josh Gulliver, J&J Organics


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