Hemp Flower Hydrating Mist

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Bottled At The Source | Certified Organic

Hemp Flower Hydrosol from Fresh Flowers

Quench your thirsty skin cells with the water-loving phytonutrients from hemp flower.

A skincare routine that starts with damp skin allows facial oils and active serums to penetrate more effectively.

  • Calms and tones skin
  • Use as needed to refresh and replenish lost hydration throughout the day
  • Intentionally shift your mood with its sweet-earthy aroma

The Hemp Flower Hydrating Mist contains water-soluble compounds from hemp.  Misting your face, and then immediately massaging in 3-6 drops of the Flower & Oil Hemp Booster offers the most complete experience of applying all the hemp plant’s compounds to your skin. The mist hydrates, while the booster’s oils lock everything in. Together, they create an ideal duo for a simple and highly effective skincare routine.

 2 FL. OZ (60 ML)

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Certified Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Flower Hydrosol.

*Does not contain CBD or THC.

Why You Will Love It

Hydrosols are amazing skincare tools. They are gentle, botanically active hydrators that help to prime the skin before applying our oils and moisturizers.

There are specific plant compounds that are only soluble in water and therefore not found in the usual extracted formats that we see for hemp (co2, lipid, or ethanol). Pairing this with our Flower & Oil Hemp Booster is the closest thing to getting all of the hemp plant’s compounds onto your skin.

Hemp flower hydrosol from fresh, not dried, flowers is a rare offering in the skincare industry. It is a true artisanal treat, from the way the flower is grown, all the way down to the distillation process in copper stills.

How To Use It

Mist generously onto clean skin as your first step before applying treatments, moisturizers, SPF or makeup. It can also be used to activate any dry mask treatments or simply as a mid-day refresher.

Keep your hydrosol away from direct sunlight, such as a sunny window. Store your bottle at room temperature and avoid extreme temperature changes.

The refrigerator is a great place to keep your hydrosol, especially in the summer when your skin will appreciate the extra cool mist.

From The Formulator

A hydrosol is the recovered condensed steam that has passed through plant material during the process of extracting an essential oil via steam distillation.

It’s considered an aqueous partial extract and carries the water soluble compounds from the plant material, as well as some trace amounts of essential oil.

Our hydrosol is produced in small batches from a copper still and bottled on-site to maintain the freshness and quality that is essential for this type of product.


Certified Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Flower Hydrosol.

*Does not contain CBD or THC.

1 review for Hemp Flower Hydrating Mist

  1. Te Awhina Ho Chee

    This product rehydrates and nourishes my skin like no other product I have used before. It’s light and really easy to use. Really, just spray and go. I can also forgo moisturizing my face when I’m on the move, which I hardly ever do! Keep it in the refrigerator for a cool experience too. You won’t regret it.

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