Organic Beverage Enhancer + Rescue Rub CBD/THC-Free Salve 1oz Bundle


To celebrate the East Fork Cultivars x Peak Extracts merger, we’re offering a limited deal on two of our fans’ favorite products. Enjoy our Organic Beverage Enhancer in your favorite drinks, and Rescue Rub CBD / THC-Free salve to help support healing. This bundle is the perfect addition to take on hikes to assist with sunburns, recovery, and inflammation.

Organic Beverage Enhancer • 1 oz 300mg CBD Drops

USDA Organic Beverage Enhancer 1 oz 300mg CBD Drops are a simple, non-intoxicating product that can be added to any beverage. Crafted from our broad-spectrum hemp extract and a few other plant-derived ingredients, CBD Drops offer a tasty, affordable way to improve your quality of life. We use a sonication process to reduce the size of the CBD molecules, improving bioavailability, and allowing CBD Drops to easily mix into any beverage.

  • Fast acting: more bioavailable than most CBD oils
  • Add to any beverage: mixes harmoniously into your favorite drink
  • Broad spectrum hemp: offers a wide range of potential beneficial effects
  • High potency for maximum potential beneficial effects
  • Broad spectrum CBD extract nano-enhanced for quick activation time
  • Fully water suspendable
  • Neutral flavor for a harmonious taste
  • All natural ingredients: Oregon spring water, organic vegetable glycerine, organic hemp extract, organic MCT oil – vegan and gluten free

Activation time: 5-20 minutes • Duration: 2-4 hours
Each 1 oz bottle contains 300mg* Cannabidiol
Serving size is 1mL (1 dropper) 10mg CBD

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Rescue Rub CBD/THC-Free Formula Salve

THC-Free Formula: Containing only CBD and no other minor cannabinoids, this extra-strength formula is nearly white in color. Unique to the CBD market, we combine 13 herbs from a proprietary blend developed by a licensed herbalist to take advantage of the entourage effect. Rich in terpenes, this high-potency topical is designed for fast-acting relief.

Average potency per container 175mg CBD per 1 ounce jar and 350mg CBD per 2 ounce jar. Apply a pea-sized amount to unbroken skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

1 oz CBD/THC Free Rescue Rub Salve

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Rescue Rub CBD/THC-Free Formula Salve


1 oz CBD/THC Free Rescue Rub Salve


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