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“Broad-spectrum” is the term used to describe moderately processed products that fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Often, this term is used for CBD-rich products in which THC has been left out or eliminated through processing. However, some people may use “broad-spectrum” to describe products that do include THC, so be sure to check labels and test results if this is important to you. Broad-spectrum products are a bit less chemically complex than full-spectrum products, and thus offer a reduced range of potential benefits.

East Fork Cultivars’ CBD supplements may enhance your quality of life, promoting recovery, easing everyday stress, and supporting healthy sleep cycles*. Plus, some of our CBD hemp products feature functional ingredients designed to aid recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, bolster immune function, or rejuvenate your skin.

All of our products are meticulously crafted using USDA Organic hemp flower from East Fork Cultivars. Whether you prefer hemp in smokable flower, pre-roll, feminized seed, oil, edible, or topical form, rest assured that each East Fork Cultivars hemp product undergoes a careful crafting process from start to finish. Elevate your wellness journey today by placing your order today!

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