The Brothers Apothecary

The Brothers Apothecary made their first batch of cannabis infused tea in 2015 after struggling to find truly health edibles. With a focus on minimal processing, simple ingredients, and full-spectrum infusions, The Brothers has since become the highest rated CBD tea in the world & now also crafts daily supplement capsules, superfoods, artisan honeys, and more, all our of their Portland, OR warehouse.
The Brothers Apothecary also prides itself on a strong focus on regular testing, safe shipping, and label compliance. Every batch exclusively uses certified industrial hemp, organic and/or locally sourced ingredients, and is always lab-tested. The Brothers Apothecary is a registered with the Department of Agriculture as both a Hemp Handler and Licensed Food Production & Manufacturing Facility.

Core Values

  • Wholesale Ingredients: Organic, Wildcrafted, Local & Mindfully-Sourced for Every Batch.
  • Inspired Infusions: Crafting delicious favorites & medicinally therapeutic formulas.
  • Sustainable Practices: 100% Renewable powered facility & sustainable business practices.
  • A Holistic Focus: Supporting body, mind & soul with every product & infusion.